Edelstahl – Techno with attitude

Passionate Carlos, aka Edelstahl, started to mix vinyls in 1996 and bought his first sequencer two years later. In 2001 Carlos discovered Techno and began to produce his first tracks influenced by the old school guards of Techno like The Advent, Cari Lekebusch, Ben Simms etc.
In order to improve his productions skills, he quit being a DJ and in the same year, Carlos debuted his very first live act under the name Edelstahl and founded his own label Stahlplatten.

His style is very unique and after listening to his production you’ll be surprised how diverse his tracks are which range from “Techno of the old good days” to the harder Acid Techno.

Edelstahl got his residency in the famous Swiss Techno club, Rohstofflager, and has also performed in many different clubs around Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. In 2010 Rohstofflager shut down and Carlos decided to take a two year break after the birth of his son.

After 18 years, with hundreds of releases, Edelstahl is a synonym for high quality productions with attitude and passion, which in turn has attracted highly respected artists/labels in techno: Yin Yang, Amazing Rec, Amigos Recordings, Sub Cult, Gastspiel Records, Doppelgaenger, etc. are only a few of the scene’s best addresses Carlos has worked with to date.

We are looking forward to promote this great act and bring more steel techno music to you. Stay tuned!!!


It’s all about the music, it always was and always will be !

Exposed to electronic music since a young age, Dario Canuso decided to acquire his first turntables in 2001 and started to play for internet radios across the globe until he moved to Zurich, Switzerland.

​Having landed in electronic music heaven, his passion and drive allowed him to start playing at local clubs and events. The early 2000’s were full of Progressive House, Grooving Techno and Goa – PsyTrance all of which formed and influenced his style.

His love for progressive basses, euphoric synths with a steady and heavy drive has followed him ever since in his discography.

​His appreciation for electronic music comes through loud and clear in the music he makes and plays never forgetting the roots and still evolving forward.


Die Heute in der Schweiz lebende Tschechin, Marcela Prochazkova aka Markova liebt und lebt ihre Leidenschaft für die elektronische Tanzmusik seit den Neunzigern.
Bevor ihr zweiter Künstlername Markova geboren war, kannte man die junge Künstlerin als Mary C Jane mehrheitlich in Europa unterwegs.
Regelmässig spielte Sie Ihre Sets im legendären Techno Club Rohstofflager in Zürich,sowie an vielen andern grossen Events und kleinen Bar Auftritten.

Markova ist für ihren technisch verspielten und Industrie angehauchten Sets bekannt.Abgerundet werden ihre Sets oft mit zauberhaften erdig-synthetischen Beats.Die mit Dynamik die zusammenfliessenden Frequenzen werden zu einem gebündelten Musikerlebnis auf den Dancefloor.
Markova performte oft vor oder auch nach vielen bekannten Internationalen Headliners.

Von zart bis hard ,spricht von  Ambient bis Hardgroovetechno, kann man die junge Künstlerinn für verschiede Events buchen.

Musik für Bein und Seele mit Passion für Techno.

Das Schweizer Label Stahlplatten ist das Label auf dem auch Markova ihre Tracks veröffentlicht hat und bei dem Sie aktiv als Artist tätig ist.


Fredy S.

Born in 1980 in Switzerland it took Fredy S. only four years to know what his passion is. Nothing inspired him more than sitting next to music speakers and listening to the vibes. The music of Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk led him into electronic music and he started mixing vinyls in 1992. Two years later Fredy S. got a resident contract at a club in Winterthur (Switzerland) and performed at several parties all over the country. And soon the bookings from abroad started to increase.

From the beginning Fredy S. knew what it means to delight the crowd with rhythmic and pulsative beats – on three decks for sure. The crowd went crazy. Due to his perfect technical skills Fredy S. soon got bookings from all over the world. For example, he played at the Nature One Festival in Germany, at the Latern Club in Bejing and several times at Streetparade in Zurich. He frequently toured through Europe and Asia and until today he performed on each continent, except the Antarctic. Anyone who knows Fredy S. also knows that he will fill that gap one day.

However, he kept his feet on the ground. He loves the big parties and festivals, just as he loves small, private parties, where he finds a passionate crowd of like-minded people. A three hours set is what works best for him, to come into one’s own. To furnish the dance floor with what the crowd combines with techno music, this is his real passion. And it is why he always did his own thing. Fredy S. fascinates his audience with incorporating various styles and transforms underground sounds into respectable music. He involves the audience, no matter what music they’re actually listening to, and presents sounds not only for a specific group, but for everyone.

But technical perfection is never good enough to Fredy S. He does everything to keep on improving, to implementing different techniques, to build in surprises and to acquire every possible and thinkable skill. Fredy S. loves working with vinyls and dissociates himself from any commercial sounds. He’s a real addictive and he could only be more connected to his Hardgroove Techno, if he would have been born as a vinyl.

Fredy S. was interviewed by many media including broadcast companies. He made live performances for several radio stations and enjoyed performing with other great artist as the mentioned Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, DJ Rush, Adam Beyer and many more. Giving the crowd what it wants, from one moment to another, the interaction with the audience, these things are permanent sources of inspiration for him. This inspiration also led him into promoting other artists and event organizers and into producing and releasing music.

If you want to do him a favor, just let him perform for several hours and on each day of his life. Because a life without DJing wouldn’t be a life for him. Fredy S. still has enough energy to perform for many decades and one day he would prefer to die on a stage. But until then, the show goes on and on and on – best in 135 beats per minute.

Jan B was born in Zurich/Switzerland on November 11, 1975 as a son of a vocalist and as a grandson of a componist. At the age of seven, he learned how to play the drums and – shortly thereafter – founded his own band together with some friends. He evolved an excellent understanding about music and rhythm.
The band turned towards trash- and death-metal due to their fascination of its hard sound. At this point of time, Jan B already kept an eye on the fast growing techno scene and felt attracted to this brand new trend. In 1992, when the band finally split, Jan B began acting as a DJ and played tracks from Hardcore and Progressive up to Acid. But he still did not find what he was really looking for.
Eventually, in 1999, Jan B discovered Detroit Techno and found what he searched. With big enthusiasm and lots of energy he found his personal style, which turned him to a groovier, harder and faster aspect of Detroit.
In 2002 Jan B became more and more know in the scene and got in contact to other DJs and event organizers. He performed at Raveolympia (White Wulf Productions) and founded the underground club U4. One year later he helped to found a label called Stahlplatten and organised his first mass events Audio Shock I and II.
In 2008 Jan B switched onAir and started his own radio show “” on radio LoRa in Zürich. Always with live-guests, he givs possibility to people to get “the real underground sound!”
These days, Jan B is a popular artist in the techno scene. While he is starting up an enterprise called Monomental, with its subsidiary companie Sputnik-Events, Jan B still performs. The crowd gets very enthusiastic and is always thrilled, when he presents his tracks.

The most important clubs:
U4, Mägenwil (CH) ¦ Rohstofflager , Zürich (CH) ¦ Schlaflos, Aarau ¦ OXA, Zürich (CH) ¦ Strobe-Club, München (GER) ¦ Tunnel, Linz (AUT) ¦ Universal D.O.G, Lahr (GER) ¦ UG, Bülach (CH) ¦ Dynamo, Zürich (CH) ¦ Minus 1, Künten (CH) ¦ Technobar25, Rheinach (CH) ¦ KUGL, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Hunter Club, Volketswil (CH) ¦ Ozon, Kloten (CH) ¦ Stadtkeller, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Stattbahnhof, Schweinfurth (GER) ¦ ElektroKeller, St.Gallen (CH) ¦ Etzel Lounge, Zürich (CH) ¦ Radio Kanal K, Aarau (CH) ¦ Radio LoRa, Zürich (CH) ¦ Stadthalle Dietikon (CH) ¦ Shopping Center, Wallisellen (CH) ¦ Vault21, Schweinfurt (GER) ¦ Grinsekatze-Club, Munich (GER) ¦ Queen Kong Club, Neuchâtel (CH) ¦ Gare de Lion, Wil (CH) ¦ Reaktor Club, Winterthur (CH)

The most important events:
Stahlplatten Label Tours (CH, GER, AUT) ¦ Audio Shock I-III (CH) ¦ HardTRAX (CH) ¦ Fight for Techno (CH) ¦ Streetparade Zürich (CH) ¦ Moscow Discow (CH) ¦ SputnikEvents (CH, GER) ¦ Raveolympia (CH) ¦ InfernoTekk (CH) ¦ Hardgroove Session (CH) ¦ Deep Impact (CH) ¦ Astro groove (CH) ¦ Swiss Connection (AUT) ¦ Destination (GER) ¦ Beatclub – Techno für Erwachsene (GER) ¦ nachtaktiv.FM (CH) ¦ (CH) ¦ NextLevel (CH) ¦ Santa-Festival (CH)

Freakclan, formally known as RenKen, consists of Techno DJ Kenny Dark (Kenny Szarka) famous for the Masters of Art events in ancient Guggelmann area in Roggwi, resident of the underground Freakclan Parties and long-term guitarist René Ammon of the hardcore band Wounds left Deeper, who has sucsessfully toured Europe. This is RenKen.
That’s how two friends of completely different music spheres came together to make this electronic music project. They started their first music production together in november 2011. At the end oft that year they’ve debuted their new live set in a little club in Derendingen. Following this they performed in clubs in Langenthal, Burgdorf and Berne.

Searching for new challenges RenKen concentrated on their live act and producing their own. In their acts they use APC20, APC40 and the Midicontroller UC-33, well known synthesizers like Korg MS-20 and Audio Axiome 49 with DAW of Ableton. RenKen draw their influences from regular Techno events in „Rohstofflager“ in Zürich at the end of the 90’s and the well known Dj’s like Deetron, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Kaiserdisco, Rush, Namito, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebush, Dee tree-9.
Their passion is to work with old school techno of the 90’s and create a new sound. Now they have an established fan base and in February 2013 they released the track «Ontuku» which went at number one on the Internet music plattform Myownmusic in the techno charts. The track up to yet has 5000 downloads and has been in the top 100 of the techno charts for several weeks.

In January 2013 followed a live set on Berner Kulturradio RaBe. Up to yet RenKen have been playing in many clubs and underground parties for instant the regular sold out downstairs parties in market hall in Berne or underground parties of Freakclan.

Since Mai 2014 RenKen are under contract with the Swiss electronic label „Leeloop Records“ and will bring out in October 2014 their first release. RenKen is planning to play live performances in selected clubs in foreign countries and to expand its fan base in the future. In Summer of 2016, RenKen won the Young Talent Contest in the Sun, Moon and star`s electronic Festival in Germany and playing Live Set for more tausend People. It followed several small Shows in regional clubs of the Bern. In April 2017 coming the next big performance at the We Love Techno Festival in Bern. RenKen performt in the supporting program of Sam Paganini and Dubfire yours live set. In August 2017 followed a radio show at the cultural radio LoRa at the Streetparade Warmup 2017 in Zurich. In the same time RenKen released for the first time on the Zurich label Stahlplatten Records another Realase and was able to assert itself within a short time in the Top 10 label charts on Beatport. As a result, RenKen has been able to steadily expand its fan community with its live performances to this day.